The Scientist


I successfully defended my PhD at Northeastern University on Dec 6, 2018, under the advisement of Javed AslamMy research interests are in machine learning theory and applications. My thesis work was on the theory and applications of multi-armed bandits (MAB). Broadly speaking, in the next phase of my research career I want to continue working on MAB applications (e.g. in arts, medicine, recommender systems) and theory and online learning, and also pivot to neighboring subfields such as reinforcement learning.

For my thesis defense abstract click here.

Current project: I am currently wrapping up some work in the pure exploration setting of the infinitely-armed bandits in the fixed budget setting. This work is in collaboration with Kevin Jamieson and Javed Aslam.

Preprints/Under Review:

  • On Multi-Armed Bandit Designs for Phase I Clinical Trials.
    Maryam Aziz, Emilie Kaufmann, Marie-Karelle Riviere. PDF coming soon.

  • Adaptively Pruning Features for Boosted Decision Trees.
    Maryam Aziz, Jesse Anderton, and Javed Aslam. PDF


  • Pure Exploration in Infinitely-Armed Bandit Models with Fixed-Confidence.
    Maryam Aziz, Jesse Anderton, Emilie Kaufmann and Javed Aslam.  ALT 2018. PDF

  • Health Literacy and Usability of Clinical Trial Search Engines.
    Timothy Bickmore, Michael Paasche-Orlow, Maryam Aziz, Barbara Barry. Proc. Health Literacy Annual Research Conference (HARC) 2012.

  • Using Computer Agents to Improve Emotional Wellbeing of Hospital Patients.
    Maryam Aziz, Timothy Bickmore, Laura Vardoulakis, Christopher Shanahan, Michael Paasche-Orlow. CHI workshop on Interaction Design and Emotional Wellbeing 2012. PDF

Research Experience:

  • Fall 2012 – Present. Machine Learning Lab, CCIS, Northeastern University. Advised by Javed Aslam.
  • Summer of 2016. Inria Lille, SequeL team. Worked with Emilie Kaufmann.
  • Fall 2011 – Fall 2012. Relational Agents Lab, CCIS, Northeastern University. Mentored by Timothy Bickmore.

Teaching at Northeastern University:

  • CS1100: Computer Science and Its Applications:  Fall 2014
  • CS1100: Computer Science and Its Applications: Fall 2012

Teaching Assistantship at Northeastern University:

  • CS6200: Information Retrieval: Spring 2017
  • CS6200: Information Retrieval: Fall 2016
  • CS6120: Natural Language Processing: Spring 2016
  • CS2510: Introduction to Class-based Program Design: Fall 2015
  • CS6200: Information Retrieval: Spring 2015
  • CS6200: Information Retrieval: Summer 2014
  • CS2510: Introduction to Class-based Program Design: Spring 2014
  • CS4100/5100: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: Fall 2013
  • CS3200: Database Design: Spring 2013